How to Make Energy Efficient Homes

Making substantial improvements in energy efficiency will save home owners money in the long run and help him make energy efficient homes. By improving the efficiency of homes we can significantly lower our carbon footprint. The following are a few examples of home improvements that will help increase the value of your home and save you money on utility costs.

o Seal leaky duct work systems to reduce wasting energy. This will also make the home more healthy by eliminating dirty air being pulled into the house.
o Bring your attic insulation up to modern-day standards. Most attics do not have enough insulation and is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
o Ceiling fans help reduce your home’s dependence on air conditioning during the summer months and, in the winter you can use the fan to help push heat down from the ceiling.
o Use a programmable thermostat to reduce your energy costs by regulating the temperature in your home based on peak usage. In other words, your thermostat can keep lower the temperature during hours when the home is not occupied and pump it up while the family is gathered at home.

Many energy efficiency improvements are very cost effective. And you should consider them so that you can live in an energy efficient home. But there are some measures that are completely free and all they require is a slight change of your daily routine. Changing daily habits will provide a dramatic decrease in energy costs and make energy efficient homes a reality. Here are a few examples of energy-saving habits that can make a huge difference.

o Showers require less hot water than baths and taking a shorter shower saves both water and energy. Water-saving showerheads are easy to install and can help save money also.
o Use your washer/dryer, oven, dishwasher and other large appliances in the morning or the evening.
o Do not waste water with small and medium wash loads, rather try to run large wash loads.
o Clear your lint filter with every dryer run. Hang dry your clothes in the summer.
o Turn off all electronic devices when not in use. Look up “phantom loads” for more information.
o During winter months, use window covers or drapes on windows to minimize heat loss.
o Clean your baseboard heaters and radiators and do not block them with furniture, carpeting, or drapes.
o If you are upgrading your appliances you should replace them with more energy efficient models that have the energy Star label.
o Maintenance is important when it comes to making energy efficient homes. Remember to check the filters on your heating and cooling systems monthly and replace them regularly.
o When possible, replace any incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs which are more energy efficient and last longer too!

These are just some of the many measures and changes you can do to make your home more energy efficient.

A Step By Step Guided Plan To An Energy Efficient Home Saving You Thousands

You need a plan to prepare for your future, your energy future that is. Energy Efficient Homes are the hot commodity amongst real estate professionals, designers and builders these days – but why? The short answer is that these homes will SAVE you tons of money. The amount of money you’re going to save through implementing energy efficient home strategies is staggering and will only grow as energy prices continue to rise to an all time high.

There has never been a more crucial time to gain the maximum benefit you can for your wallet and home. These simple techniques coupled with an organized, well thought out approach will provide you a road map for the savings you’re seeking. If you’re tired of increasing energy bills and can’t seem to find a better way to save some green then going green will accomplish your goals and provide a healthier home for you and your family – Not to mention the increased equity you’ll get from making minor but substantial improvements. So how do you achieve an energy efficient home, providing savings, health, and peace of mind?

An energy efficient home can be summed up into 7 simple steps and strategies. Through programs which teach these simple techniques in great detail you can gain the competitive advantage and get on track to your energy goals. Distinguish yourself as the most energy efficient home on the block! Ok, to get to it. The first step towards saving money every month is:

STEP 1 – YOU Must Commit To Continuing Improvement.

The behavior of you and your family is one of the single most important aspects of saving energy at home. In our Americanized view of, “bigger is better” and “more baby more”, we can have a hard time grappling the concept of conscious conservation. The good news is this can become FUN! Imagine playing games with your kids, spending quality bonding time, finding more creative ways to save Energy, use less and teach them great life lessons in frugality! People who really see the financial returns from their home performance continue to strive to achieve higher and better performance with regular assessment of their homes energy performance, creating a breeding ground for savings and a healthier environment. Commitment is the key here. Without it, you’ll never get anywhere. Are you committed to saving money, energy, and creating a better world?

STEP 2: Understanding Where You Are At

In order to know where you want to go you must know where you are. Many home owners bock at this not wanting to pick up the phone or pay a few bucks for a professional energy audit to be done on their future energy efficient home, but I assure you it will be a growing and learning experience. An energy audit will allow you to identify where you can best allocate your resources to gain the maximum amount of savings, putting your hard earned money to work for you. Also, and energy audit will give you a baseline where you can measure your homes energy efficiency and performance once you get on track to your energy efficient home goals.

STEP 3: What Are Your Energy Goals?

In order to achieve a performing energy efficient home which will save you money you need to have clearly laid out goals and how you will achieve them. Not to sound like another self help book (I read a lot of them!) but truth is truth. You need to know where you are, where you’re going and have a plan to get you there. The alternative, floating in space hoping that electric bill miraculously goes down by $200 in the spring – not likely. Yet again here is another opportunity to bring the family closer together and motivate everyone to achieve the energy goals.

STEP 4: Creating Your Plan

As an Architect I work a lot with plans – as you might guess. We don’t go build the building and hope it works out! There is preparation and a laid out plan to get the end result. So decide what you are going to do to achieve your goals. How are you going to do it? Who is going to do what? Get the family involved and realize it’s easier than you imagine – you just need to get going and momentum along with an action plan will get you saving money sooner than you think.

STEP 5: Execute Your Plan

This is where your energy efficient home is made – in the execution. A lot of people start things all the time, but the gold goes to those who see the plan through and play like champions to the final buzzer. Get your family motivated, set weekly energy goals or habits, get creative and make it happen.

STEP 6: Take A Look In Your Review Mirror.

We’re all familiar will evaluations. Evaluations in your job are the most common but you need to do the same in your energy efficient home. You’re going to gain so much insight with the evaluation process in the form of knowledge on how to keep gaining the most you can in savings with your home. Opportunities for further savings will come out of unexpected places and create new revenue streams to be saved, invested, or heck, take the family out to a fancy dinner and movie! This brings me to my final point…

STEP 7 – Reward Your Accomplishments

You finally did it. You’re sitting in your energy efficient home with a smile on your face and a little fatter wallet. Take those extra family holidays or save more for an earlier retirement, all the while knowing you are doing your part to save the only resource we all share, but take for granted – our planet. The bottom line is you CAN have an energy efficient home and it is only up to you. With so many great books, eBooks, articles, companies and industries aimed at helping you get to your energy efficient home goals you won’t have any trouble if you stick to the plan. I’m here to help you. Post a comment below and let me know what you struggle with in achieving your home energy efficient Goals

To Saving Money and Energy!

  • Andrew Hilton